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How do I configure my products in Attache?

The Web Ninja integration with Attache allows you to flag products to send to your webstore. Let's take a look at the store setup and then what we need to do in Attache.

Configuring your products

1. Login to the admin area

2. Select Configuration > Attache

3. Select the Products tab

4. Set the Show On Web Field dropdown to one of the following options

All Products - All inventory items are imported to the site

Yes/No 1/2/3 - You can flag products directly in Attache by adding a Y in Yes/No 1, 2 or 3.

5. If you have locations turned in Attache, enter the location code into the Import from Location field

6. You can set a default Attache price account so web customers without an Attache account can have specific pricing. Enter the Attache account number in this field

7. If you are importing weights to use for shipping, select the weight field you'd like to use in Attache. You can choose from the dimension fields in Attache.

8. Once you've saved your categories, click Save


How do I enter product information in Attache?

1. Login to Attache and go to the product you'd like to flag for in Masterfiles > Products > Maintain.

2. Select the product you'd like to add and page down to the final screen, which should appear like this:


3. Once you've entered the category names and flagged the products with a Y in the Yes/No 1, 2 or 3 field, you only need to enter the Y into the field you have mapped in the admin screen ie If you've selected Yes/No 1, this is the only field that needs a Y in it. Save the changes.

4. During the next sync of the software, the products will update on the site for the products you've flagged.

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