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My order didn't import into my Accounting package

If an order doesn't import into your accounting package, you can always resend the order. Note: there could be other reasons why it's not importing, but this is worth trying before you look further, or even log a ticket.

Before you resend the order, check the error message that displays at the top of the order page.

NOTE: there may not always be an error message (especially if your accounting software is importing orders from a file like an XML file or Attache's KFI files)

To find the error message follow these steps

  1. Login to the admin area
  2. Go to Orders > View Orders
  3. Click the Order Number with the red background
  4. View the top of the page
  5. Attempt to resolve the issue if the problem is in your accounting package. Otherwise continue.


Set an order back to Pending

1. Login to the admin area

2. Go to Orders > View Orders

3. Find the order you would like to import back in. (Hint: the newer orders are at the top)

4. You can see in the example above, this order has a current status of Processing, which means the sync will ignore this order on the next import.

5. In order to tell the sync to import it again, we must change the status to Pending.

6. To edit the order, click on the order number in the leftmost column.

7. On the order details screen scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Change Order Status section

8. Set the New Status drop down to Pending.

9. To leave comments, Notify Customer and append comments blank and click Update Status

10. The order is now pending and will import on the next sync.

11. If you'd like to import them straight away, head over to Sync > Status and click the Force Sync button to start the sync. 

NOTE: if using Webninja's 2nd Generation sync - you'll need to run the sync manually via the synchronise button - the steps listed above in #11 are only for websites running on Webninja's Current Generation CMS.

12. Once the sync has finished your order should be in your accounting package. If not, please log a ticket and we can investigate.


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