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How do I stop and restart the software?

The Web Ninja software runs as a Microsoft Service, which means there is no interface to the screen.

If you are finding this conflicts with your month end or roll over you have the ability to stop the software and restart at a later point.

Stop the Web Ninja Service

1. Select Start and type in Services into the Windows search box



2. When Services appears in the results, click the link to load it

3. In the pop-up Services box, you're shown a list of current Windows services installed on your Windows PC/Server

4. Scroll down till you find the Web Ninja service

5. You can either use the buttons across the top to stop, start or restart the service, or you can right-click directly on "Web Ninja" and do the same.

6. You will see the Status in the Status Column change to reflect whichever option you've chosen.

If you've stopped the service so you can run backups and/or archives - once you're done with your backups and archiving - you can come back here and "start" the service again.


PLEASE NOTE: you may sometimes need to run Windows Task Manager and look for the "Webninja.exe" application running - if it is, you can use Windows' "End Task" option - this will instantly stop all connections and actions our software is using to communicate with your accounting.




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