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How do I flag a product as a bulky item? [Custom Feature]

If you have the bulky item module installed into your webstore, this will enable you to flag products that cannot be shipped under the regular shipping tables ie you need to quote on freight.

If a customer adds a bulky item to the cart, payment will not be taken via the checkout, but the order will still process through to your system. You can then contact the customer once the order has been received, and you can quote using your regular freight channels.

Let's take a look how to flag a product:


How to flag a product?

1. Login to the admin area

2. Go to Products/Categories > Products on the left hand menu

3. Search for the product code that you'd like to flag as a bulky item


4. Select the Additional Fields tab

5. Look for the Bulky Item field and populate this with a Y 

6. Select Save


How does it work?

1. On your website, search for the product code or navigate there via your categories

2. Add this product to the cart

3. Click the Checkout button

4. You will see on the shipping page that the freight will be calculated manually


5. Clicking Continue you will see that payment will be organised later

6. Once the customer has confirmed, you will receive the confirmation via email notification.

7. Once you've confirmed the shipping charges for the customer, you will need to contact them to quote and arrange payment.


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