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Why don't I receive my order confirmation emails anymore?

If your order emails have stopped - this is most likely due to the fact your email server or server-side anti-spam (eg. Spamcop, Barracuda, Panda) have blocked or denied emails from our server. Once this happens, you need to be sure your email team have the below info white-listed and contact Web Ninja support so we can remove you from our "undeliverable" list.

To ensure you have the best chance of receiving these emails, please have your email team and your customers "white-list" our email provider's (Sendgrid) IP address:

You can also use the following domains for whitelist: mail.shopau4.info and mail.shopau8.info

Please also follow-up with whoever manages your Domain hosting and DNS and request that they set-up something called an "SPF Record" (it's ok if this is too technical, your domain management team will understand this info) in the DNS as a TXT record using the following details:

v=spf1 include:shopau8.info -all

  • This creates an exception that allows emails to be sent from an external source as though they're sent from the site owner's email address that's configured on the online shop.

PLEASE NOTE! You may already have other SPF records in your DNS - these should NOT be replaced with ours - ours can simply be added in addition to any existing SPF record.
If you replace any existing ones - you may run into issues with your normal emails!

There's a second scenario where the emails are received by your mail server ok, but the end user never receives the emails. (Most likely your admin staff or you may have created an email such as "orders@yourdomain.com" or similar)

You can have Web Ninja investigate in cases like this, however, we may find that your mail server returns a response of: "250. OK" - this indicates the email was successfully delivered to your mail server - yet we may also find a second message "queued for delivery"

This is a recipient response message from your mail server.
There are numerous causes and reasons for it and it can be quite confusing. You'll need to follow-up with your IT team (or if you have a separate email team that manage your company emails) and have them investigate the reason for the undelivered emails when they go to that queued status.

Here are some external articles to help you understand the cause a bit more:

This is our mail provider:
this is one of their competitors:

This article is from a very widely used anti-spam filter, Barracuda:
Below - is an important excerpt from the bottom of that page:

"If the Delivery Status is Delivered, and the Delivery Detail shows a 250 SMTP response code, the destination mail server has signalled a successful message transfer..."
" If the recipient does not receive the message in their mailbox, the mail server or other entity either blocked or redirected the message..."
" If your mail server is doing some additional level of filtering, this might be why certain messages are not delivered to your users...."

 If you have any further issues - please be sure to contact Webninja Support for further assistance - however, it's best if you first follow-up with your IT/ Mail server team per the notes above as our support team will likely have to redirect you back to them anyway depending on the issue.


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