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Troubleshooting the Service Software Sync

Sometimes the sync doesn't work. Check the following before escalating to a genius.

Troubleshooting the sync isn't really any different from how the older software works. You need to start at the data source and work your way through to our server.

1. Have you tried connecting to the database directly through Q tools (if possible) If this doesn't work, it could be password or user related. Has the ODBC license been installed correctly?
2. Open the properties for the service. You can run the service as system or user dsn. Attache requires a user dsn.
3. Try restarting the service.
4. If you are running as system dsn, are there any references to network drives? We may not be able to read these.
5. The event viewer is your friend, and it will tell you if there is a problem trying to find the data.

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