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Why does the sync always stall on the square white box?

Who does this apply to?

Only customers using Webninja's Second Generation sync software


Description: Sync runs through and uploads files to the site, but then it gets to the white square box and just sits there

The white box is the Aftersync which runs certain updates on the server after all the files and data have been synced up to the website, some sites have a LOT of functionality dependant on this Aftersync.

Sometimes this can be normal for up to 10 - 15min depending on the site. Typically this box only remains up for no more than 1 - 2 min. then should be populated with text - sometimes minimal text with the word "Finished!" at the bottom.

For other sites, sometimes this box can have a long string of text or a table displayed, especially if adding new customers or updating invoice info. As long as the "Finished!" box is there, it's fine.

However if it's frozen or stalled halfway through the text for more than 30 - 60 seconds - please report it to Webninja Support as the text only occurs after the Aftersync is completed - so there are issues if it's broken and Support can get a developer to look into it and resolve the issue.



Sync Issues - Sync Doesn't Complete

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