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ERROR: "Too many GST rates" on import

Who does this article apply to?

Only customers using Webninja's 2nd Generation software could be affected by this issue.


When using the original Webninja Shopping.exe - you get the following error on import:
"You have too many GST rates. Rate 0.0% has not been saved" and the import halts. 

NOTE: in this example the tax rate was 0% that it was trying to import - it may be a different amount depending on what it's trying to import from your accounting package.



Open the Config in the software

and click on the Taxes tab, and delete all data in the fields highlighted below.


Click OK at the bottom of the config window and run an import.
The import will now pull through your tax rates from your accounting software and populate the relevant fields in the Taxes tab.

Who does this apply to?

This is only relevant to our customers running our original syncing software - shopping.exe up to version 1.0025a

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