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Order Confirmation Emails Sending as "Attache brett"

Email order confirmations suddenly start sending to customers with the following header text in the email:

Thank you for placing your order at Attache brett.
Your order will be processed and will arrive within 2 - 5 working days.
If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to email us at brett@webninja.com.au
The details of your order are as follows :



If you use Webninja's Shopping.exe syncing software to synchronise data between your accounting software and the website, you'll need to open it and click on the "Configure" button


Click on the "Web Server" tab and click the "Reupload All Data" button


 CAUTION: don't click the "Reupload all Images" button as that will take a very long time to sync!


NOTE: if you have numerous files in the Syncfiles folder (eg. product related PDF files or extra images for use on the website) this will upload all of those as well - so the sync can still take a little while

Once the sync has completed - test placing an order on the website and confirm the header info at the top has reverted to your details instead of "Attache brett"


"What do I do if this doesn't work?"

Please contact Webninja support here and we can look into this further for you.


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