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File Access Denied on Sync or Import

QUESTION (from a customer's support ticket:)

When importing in webninja the error message below appears after it reports that the import was successful.

'Program Error'
'File access is denied' [and typically lists a file name that resides in our Webninja folder]

If I cancel it closes webninja.

Please advise?


Webninja uses a local database to store some data before it syncs it to the website. As such it's subject to standard Microsoft Windows and database limitations - such as locking out certain files while a user has access to it to prevent data corruption.

While multiple people can access and edit data in our software - best practice is to only run the sync from one computer or user's profile to avoid this issue.

This includes running the software at the same time as an auto-import and auto-sync.

When multiple users attempt to run an import/sync at the same time - whoever had it open first locks the files, and the second person attempting to run the software encounters the file access denied error.


You'll need to have everyone exit out of the software before you can run it again without errors.

You can also open Windows Task Manager (right click on the task bar at the bottom and select task manager)

  1. Windows 7 and Server 2008 - go to Processes and close (end task) all copies of shopping.exe 
  2. Windows 8, 8.1, 10 or Server 2012 or higher - go to the "details" tab and close (end task) all copies of shopping.exe

Otherwise worst case scenario - you may need to reboot the server where our software is installed to ensure all connections to our software by any users on your network are disconnected.


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