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Resetting User Passwords in MYOB Premier19

From time to time, you may need to create a new user for Webninja that needs to be unique as we need uninterrupted access to MYOB without interfering with someone using the same username (this is why we can't simply use the Administrator login).
Also the password may need to be reset on the existing user occasionally if it's lost or forgotten.

You can find instructions in MYOB's help files from within your Premier installation - however we've added in some screenshots below for your convenience to make this easier to follow:

1 Log in to your MYOB company file as Administrator.
2 Go to the Setup menu and choose Preferences.

3 In the Preferences window, click the Security tab and then click User IDs. The User Access window appears.

4 Click Edit to open the user's details for editing.

5 Type in the new password in the password field and again in the confirm password box. You can also check if the user is active on this screen (make sure the tick box is unticked)

6 Click OK on each of the windows to accept the changes.
Once updated - please advise Webninja Support what the new password is so we can update our settings and database connections in MYOB's ODBC connector settings on your server.
If you have any further questions or issues with this, please contact Webninja Support so we can assist you further.

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