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CommWeb MPGS Set-up

This article we guide you through setting up the Commonwealth Bank's CommWeb MPGS integration.


You will need the email from CommWeb that provides you with the following:

URL: https://paymentgateway.commbank.com.au/ma

Merchant ID

Operator ID



Go ahead and login to CommWeb


Navigate to Admin>>Operators and create a new account for webninja then populate and tick the following:


Next, logout and then log back in with the webninja account and go to Admin>>Integration Settings and generate a new password. You must generate both Password 1 and Password 2. Give your  Web Ninja contact Password 1.


Finally, you will need to generate the Notification Secret. To do this, click on Admin>>Webhook Notifications. Update the Webhook  Notifications to 'Enabled' and then click on 'Generate New Secret'. Give this secret notification to your Web Ninja contact.



To summarise, you will need to give you Web Ninja contact the following:


Merchant ID

Password 1

Secret Notification


*** Note that when testing the gateway in Test Mode, the client must be using the test credit card details found here for CommBank: https://paymentgateway.commbank.com.au/api/documentation/integrationGuidelines/supportedFeatures/testAndGoLive.html?locale=en_US

 *** Also note that you will need to repeat the process with the live gateway details i.e. create a new API password and notification secret with the live merchant account.


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