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What do I name product images

Below will cover where to find the product image code, and the requirements for images.


We use product image files for all products, product group and category images.


To find the code for a product.

1. Login the CMS of your Web Ninja website.

2. Click on "Products" under Products/Categories.

3. Click on the product that you want the image code for.

4. Once on the product, go to the "images" tab.

5. there you can see the image code, copy the whole code.

6. go to the product image folder, put the image in the folder and paste the code into the name of the product. It should look like this "product.jpg".


The same steps apply to product groups and categories. Go to the product group/category and go to the images tab.


Image requirements:

The images have to be these extensions jpg,png,gif. All other extensions won't load onto the site. Images have to be under 1MB.


To add more than one product image to a product, paste the image code in the file name, then put an underscore then put which order you want it to show in. e.g. product_2.jpg, product_3.jpg. You can only have up to 8 images. 

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