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Why do my account customers' orders sync as "Cash Sales" ?

When your customers who have a corresponding account in your accounting software place an order, you expect their order to sync into your Accounting software against their set-up account. However, instead their orders sync back against your default Cash Sales (or "Web Sales" - however you've had us configure it for you) account in your accounting package.

All orders placed by customers without an account number assigned to them in the online system, will all be treated as cash sales.

There's just simply no way for the system to match-up the online account with the corresponding account from your accounting software if there's no account number assigned to the online account.
PLEASE NOTE: some accounting software uses the company name - or a variation of it - instead of an actual numerical value

This can be checked in the CRM when editing the customer's online account:

If your customers are registering on the website, and then calling you or requesting an account that you then create in your accounting software, you'll need to take the account number you created in the accounting software, and apply it to the online account for that customer via the field listed above.

If you've requested we configure your site to import customers from your accounting software to the website, then that should automatically assign their account number to the online account it creates.

PLEASE NOTE: Email addresses must be unique on the website, so if the customer already has a login on the site, and you create an account for them in your accounting software, it won't be able to sync it up to the site as a new user as their corresponding email address would already exist on the site. If you use a different email address for that customer in your accounting software, then it will end up making a duplicate account online for that customer, using the email address stored for them in your accounting software.

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