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Error on KFI order import - missing stock location


Orders syncing to Attache BI via XML KFI files no longer show up in Attache BI.

When the KFI error is investigated, the error is found to be related to a missing stock location.



Typically this happens after orders were previously syncing without issue and can happen regardless of how many stock locations are configured in BI for the website.


The error appears to indicate the KFI file should be writing back a stock location, however we've yet to have encountered issues with syncing orders to Attache BI, even on websites for customers who have multiple stock locations set up in BI that are being used on the website, while supplying no stock location for the products being written back on the order.

The cause has been diagnosed in at least two cases via Attache Software Support's assistance - where a recent upgrade has been applied to the customer's Attache BI version, but other related updates haven't been completed, such as the users' licenses requiring updates applied to be compatible with the Attache BI upgrade.

If this sounds like scenario you've encountered, please follow-up with your Attache partner, or if you don't have one, Attache Software's support for further assistance.




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